Adventist Amateur Radio Association International

An International Fraternity of SDA Amateur Radio Operators

The Adventist Amateur Radio Association International (AARAI) is a worldwide fraternity of ham radio operators who belong to, or are friends of, the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The AARAI runs several nets throughout the week at various times for fellowship and information. Officers are elected every five years. Our club sign is K3LJP, in honor of our beloved founder the late Ed Peterson, who often referred to himself as K 3 Love, Joy, and Peace. If you are not yet a member, please consider joining—we'd be glad to have you!

The 2015 SDA QSO Party is scheduled to occur during the weekend of January 24 and 25.  Click here for additional rules and details for this years QSO Party. QSO Party logs are available here.


BREAKING NEWS: We are now able to provide a beautiful AARAI name badge through TheSignman.com. Please check out this link: thesignman.com/clubs/aarai.html.


AARAI Name Badge

AARAI NEWSLETTER:  The second quarter 2014 issue of The Adventist Radiogram is now available for downloading! Please click on the picture below.
Adventist Telegram

AARAI PROMOTIONAL BROCHURE:  We have a beautiful, brand-new AARAI promotional brochure, free for downloading. Please click on the picture, save it to your hard drive, and print out as many as you wish! Print out on both sides of a sheet of paper, and fold in thirds, with the AARAI logo on the outside.

AARAI Brochure

YOUR SUPPORT IS NEEDED!:  We are now able to accept donations via PayPal! A simple click on the icon below is all it takes. Your contributions are very important to us, especially right now! In 2014 we will be at the Oshkosh Pathfinder Camporee, and in 2015 at the San Antonio General Conference Session. Our founder, Ed Peterson, K3LJP, always felt that it was very important to be obviously visible at large gatherings such as these. With the right funding, we could add ASI conferences and the like, but it all depends on the generosity of our members and friends. We have many other expenses for Web hosting, office expenses, etc.